Session Activities

Our session activities offer time for Kiddie Sangat to participate in both group activities and independent children activities. 


Play is the language of children. Playing isn’t just fun, it’s also the best way for young children to learn. By playing, children can practise all the skills they’ll need as they grow up. Keeping this in mind, every kiddie sangat session has a game/ activity to create that comfortable and safe space.  Games are designed to bring out key learnings in attitudes and skills already possessed. This helps in creating a base of what kids already know or help them realise where they are vis a vis any attribute or quality. Learning and reflection from the activity is then used to build upon the session.

Group Discussion:

Since discussions involve lot of brainstorming; it helps in opening a new topic with children. it also helps in finding common ground of knowledge and perception. This also helps in generating potential solutions and creative ideas. It thus helps in building critical thinking, communication and listening skills.


Videos create more engaging sensory experience than mere listening. It helps them process the information and make it more relatable.  Videos are scientifically proven to increase Comprehension, knowledge retention and increase the interest of kids.


It helps kids to analyse the life of Guru Sahibs in a real life scenario. Each Saakhi is accompanied by key messages and questions for discussions which promotes discussion and help create a base for new learning.


Visualisation is a great tool to help children to go in the times of our Gurus and help them create pleasant experiences. It is a very powerful tool which helps in not only experiencing, but understanding and reflecting on the experiences. This is then used to build common understanding on a particular experience.


Makes children have hands-on experience of the particular skill. It also aids in experiential learning. Rather than making children memorize any fact, they are made to think ,analyse and validate facts using experiments.


Art and Craft is usually the mode children love to engage in. This also helps children to break all inhibitions and help them depict their inner ideas in a non threatening and non competitive manner.